Pre Master



Hey Folks!

I got my first listen to the Mastered tracks and they sound great!  Once the producers and chief engineer sign off on them Jim Wilson will make the physical master copy to send to the CD Plant and get these puppies manufactured.  I’m so excited!!  I can’t wait for y’all to hear this CD.  It came out way better than I ever imagined.

Talk to you later!

Richard “Grumpy Puppy” Howard

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Latest Update

Hey folks,

Bebobalooza was a blast as was the grand opening of the new ASG facility in Austin.  We got to attend both.


Bob Cheevers, Malia Grace and Sharon Kay Berger

The winner of the Bebobalooza contest was Malia Grace.  Her songs are amazing!  I can’t wait to hear her new CD.

Jim Photoglo played at the ASG grand opening.  What a show!  He is amazing.  Be sure to check out his new video Halls of my Heart on YouTube.

My debut album is still at the Mastering studio.  I expect it will be done soon, so we are excited about that.  Maggie is working hard getting the CD label done and everything ready for manufacturing.  Other than that I am just writing songs and hanging out.

Until next time!

Richard “Grumpy Puppy” Howard

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Cheever Poster

Hey kids!  You want to have some fun?  Then put this one on your calendar.  It’s BeBobAlooza!

This annual shindig is one of the biggest parties in Austin.  It’s hosted by Emmy Award winner Bob Cheevers and  This year the party is on Sunday, 28 September from 4-8 PM at The Hills Café, 4700 S. Congress.

There will be live music featuring Kelley Mickwee, Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros, The Warren Hood Band and Chase Gassaway!

Everyone loves a party, and this party is unique.  Besides food, drink and live music there will also be a silent auction where you can bid on all kinds of neat stuff!  The money goes to a great cause supporting Austin area musicians.

For those of you who just cannot make it, you can also make donations online.  Go to this link for more information

Tickets for BeBobAlooza are $15.00 in advance.  You can go here to buy them online:

Or you can wait and pay $20.00 at the door.  That’s $20.00 for four hours of great fun AND you will be supporting local musicians!  Come join us on the 28th.

For more information go here:


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Tracking and Mixing Complete!

Hello Friends,

Well the first part of this project is complete.  Yesterday was the last day of mixing at EAR studios in Austin, TX.  I have to tell you James Stevens, the engineer, did an amazing job with these songs.  Working on a shoestring budget, time is what gets sacrificed.  Normally we would spend three times as long on these songs as we had to work with.  But James made it all work out.  His meticulous attention to detail, combined with years of experience, knowing how to work the board made this project great.  I went to audio engineering school, so I know a little about it, but watching James taught me tons more.  He’s sharp as a tack and quick as a bullet.

Marvin Dykhuis is a musical genius.  His arrangements are killer and his playing (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, slide guitar, resonator, percussion, banjo etc…) is amazing.  I wrote these songs, but Marvin brought them to life.  Now I just have to convince him to come play at every gig I get.  Ha!  Good luck with that.  Marvin is as busy as a one-legged Can-Can dancer.

Rick and David also made this CD come alive.  Rick Richards’ drumming is just indescribable.  He plays like he’s heard these songs a million times.  Every beat seems like it has always been there.  And David Carroll makes that upright bass sing.  His touch is sweet and subtle on some songs like “Daddy’s Little Girl” and “Isn’t It Simple” and a rocking, driving accompaniment.on others like “Fishing Hole” and “Nightmare”.  David really is a master of the upright bass.  I was truly blessed to get these two artists on this CD.  I know Lee Duffy had a lot to do with that, so Thanks Lee!

So now we have the final mixes and they sound fantastic.  But before we can deliver the CD to you we have to send it out to be Mastered.  We are using a mastering studio in Colorado.  I’m not sure of the name but James and Marvin both know the guy and use him a lot, so I’m confident that part will turn out just as fantastic as the rest of this project has turned out.  I’m not sure how long that takes.  It depends on how busy they are, but it shouldn’t take too long.  These days everything is done online, so at least we don’t have to worry about it getting lost or damaged in the mail.

Meanwhile we are working on the cover photo and the stuff inside the cover.  That will take a few weeks I’m sure.

Then we put it all together and send it to be mass produced.  I’ll also put the songs on iTunes and Amazon for folks who want to download them.

So everything is moving along right on schedule.  I can’t wait for you to hear these songs, but wait I must, so I just want to thank you all for your support.  I’ll let you know when we complete the next milestone!

Richard “Grumpy Puppy” Howard

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A Report from the Studio!

Hello Folks

We just got home from Austin, TX and a long day at the studio finishing up the base tracks for the CD.  This was the final session with Rick Richards on drums and David Carroll on bass.  It has been an absolute pleasure and a life event playing with these two pros.  I’ve learned so much and I had such a great time.  You will be amazed when you hear the final product.  These guys are amazing.

Aug 3,4, and 5 we will be back in the studio finishing up.  On the 3rd we will continue with overdubs of harmonies and various instruments.  Marvin Dykhuis is the slave driver…um…I mean producer who is driving that train and he plays almost every instrument except the drums and bass.  I had no idea my songs could sound this cool.  It’s always been just me strumming a guitar and singing.  With this band my songs sound amazing.  I really can’t wait for you to hear them.

Once we finish mixing we will send them out to a studio in Colorado to be mastered.  That might take a while, but once we get the masters back we will be ready to print copies and ship them out.

Ok, well I’m exhausted but it’s a good exhaustion.  I’ll keep you up to date on the progress of the CD, so stay tuned!


Richard “Grumpy Puppy” Howard

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You Did It!

Hello Friends

We made it!  Woo Hoo!  It was down to the wire but y’all pulled out a victory for us.  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Oh did I forget to say thank you?  THANK YOU!

Man I’m glad that part is over.  Fundraising is very stressful!  I want to give one special thank you to two special friends who, in the midst of their own fundraising campaign, took the time to help us by teaching us how to do it.  It is not as simple as signing up with Kickstarter and putting it on the internet.  It is actually a lot of hard work.  I had no idea going in how much work it was, but special thanks to Sue Young and Rusty Nelson of Young & Rusty for teaching us, cheering us on, and supporting us in this endeavor.  I can honestly say that without your intervention we would not have reached our goal.  Thank you so much!

I also must thank my beautiful wife Maggie.  She is the one who took Young & Rusty’s advice and put it into action.  She contacted everyone we know and got them to spread the word to their friends etc.  Maggie was the drive behind the train and she got this thing done.  I thank God every day for Maggie.  It’s about time I thank her directly.  THANK YOU MAGGIE!

Now it’s time to get down to business.  Marvin Dykhuis told me the other evening that we are about one third of the way through this process, so we still have lots of work to do.  Tomorrow I’ll be in Austin for the final preproduction meeting where we decide the final four songs.  Then we go into the studio on the 28th to lay down the base tracks for those.  The 3rd, 4th, and 5th we go back in the studio to complete overdubs and start mixing.  Hopefully we can get it all mixed by the 5th.  After that (if all goes well) it goes out to a Mastering studio to be mastered.  That can take a while, but while that is going on we will be working on the CD cover, one-sheets, promotional items (depends on budget) and the rest so that when we get the Masters back we can send it out to have the first copies made.  As soon as I get those in my hot little hands I’ll be signing yours and mailing them out to you.

I’ll keep all of you up to date as we reach these milestones.

One more time, THANKS to all of you who made this happen.  Here are the final backers:

Frankie Magee from Alamo Title bought TWO copies!  Thanks Frankie, I’m looking forward to getting those to you!

Sue Young, Jan Fullenwider, Phil Greer and Gary Kochan all went back in and bought more copies of the CD.  Thank you all so much for that.  That is a whole lot of support and I so appreciate you for that.

Eddie Dunn and his lovely wife Marilynn bought a copy of the CD.  Thanks coach!  I can’t wait for you to hear it.

And finally one anonymous donor who pushed us over the top.  Thanks you-know-who.  I promised I wouldn’t use your name, but I want you to know how much I appreciate your support.

Ok friends, I’m so excited that this is really happening.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks again!

Richard “Grumpy Puppy” Howard

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Last Day!




Hello Friends

Today is the last full day to pre-order your copy of my debut CD.  We are just two house concerts away from our goal, so I know we are going to get this done.  Check out the perks on my kickstarter page and purchase one or more advance copies of this terrific CD.  You’ll be glad you did!

Today I want to thank my newest backers.  First is Vicki Whitesel an accomplished recording artist herself.  We met her father, Harmonica Bob, up at Canyon Lake and he turned us on to Vicki’s gospel music CD.  It is divine.  Thank you so much Vicki for supporting me on this!

Next is Richard Schendel from Austin, TX.  Richard bought FOUR copies of the CD and will be named a co-producer of the project.  Thank you Richard!

Next is Kristen Bratton, another dear friend here in San Antonio.  She bought TWO copies of the CD and will have her name on the CD jacket!  Thanks so much Kristen!

And last but not least, Debbie Barnes purchased her copy of the CD.  Thanks Debbie!  I can’t wait to get this out to you.

Ok, well we still need a few more purchases to get this done.  The campaign ends tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM, and it is ALL-OR-NOTHING!  We either reach our goal or we give all the money back.  So if you meant to buy one or more copies now is the time to do it.  If you don’t like using Kickstarter for whatever reason, go to my webpage at and use the PayPal button.  I’ve already processed a few purchases through that method.  Some folks just don’t want to start a kickstarter account.  And if you want to pay cash, just email me or message me on Facebook.  We’ll figure something out.

Thanks friends!

Richard “Grumpy Puppy” Howard

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48 Hours!



Hello friends

Well, this is it.  Only two days to go before the Kickstarter campaign ends and we are so close to the finish line.  We are about 75% funded, so I know we are going to get this done!

Today I want to thank the following backers for supporting me:

Rick Cates is one of my biggest supporters on Facebook.  He is also having a birthday this weekend.  Happy birthday Rick and thanks for the Birthday present!

Mark Lambert is a terrific songwriter here in San Antonio.  Mark bought a copy of the CD.  I can’t wait to get that to you man.  Thanks!

Chris Cernosek, aka Chris Topher bought a copy.  Chris is an amazing songwriter and guitar player who lives in La Grange, TX.  He also looks just like Marvin Dykhuis, so I have to be careful when I say hello!  Thanks Chris, I can’t wait to deliver this one man.

Rocc Nobles, one of the best songwriters I know and my friend here in San Antonio went deep and bought FOUR copies!  I’m proud to put Rocc down on the CD as a co-producer.  Thanks so much bro!

Beth Lee, another awesome songwriter from Austin, TX kicked in.  Beth writes a lot of bluegrass, my favorite music.  She bought THREE copies of the CD! Thank you so much Beth, I can’t wait for you to hear this.  I have a few bluegrass(ish) songs on there you might like.

Last night at the Friday Night open mic at ASG my buddy Stephen McMillan handed me cash to purchase a copy.  Thanks Stephen!

Thanks also to Bob and Gretchen Varga, my dear friends out in Castroville, TX who bought TWO copies using PayPal.

And last but not least, Susan Ramirez bought a copy of the CD using cash.  Thanks Susan!

Ok folks, that’s it for today.  Help us out if you can.  Tell your friends!


Richard “Grumpy Puppy” Howard

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72 Hours!



Hello Friends

We have less than 72 hours left in this campaign.  I’m overwhelmed by the amount of support I’m getting from family, fans and friends.  Almost 50 backers (including cash donors) have kicked in and pre-purchased one or more CDs and right now we stand at 61%.  I just know we are going to reach our goal by Monday morning when this campaign ends.

If you purchased a copy of the CD and you’re thinking that maybe you want to buy a few more to give as Christmas presents, you can go back in and increase your purchase amount.  Your new total will reflect the perks that you receive.  One backer, Monte McWilliams, who is already getting Co-Producer credit, went back in and doubled his pledge!  Now he gets a house concert too!  Thank you so much Monte!

You can also help by spreading the word.  Richard Sanguinetti bought a copy of the CD and then posted a message on FaceBook showing his support for this CD with a link to the Kickstarter page.   Thank you so much Richard!  You rock man!

If you want to kick in, but you do not want it publicized you can message me on Facebook or email me and I’ll be sure to leave your name off of these updates.  Or you can donate anonymously like someone already did.  Whoever “Here’s to your success” is, thank you so much for your pledge!

I’d also like to thank Loretta Marcoux Dunnaway.  I met Loretta at the Symposium this past January and she was such a delight to sit and talk with.  Loretta bought TWO copies of the CD and her name will be listed on the CD cover. Thanks Loretta!  I can’t wait to chat with you again!

Last but not least I’d like to thank two friends, Gary Kochan and Teresa Neal for buying my CD.  I can’t wait to get this out to you.  If you liked hearing these songs live just wait until you hear them with the full band!

Alright folks, well time is ticking away so I better post this update.  I hope you find the time to get on Kickstarter and pledge.  If you don’t have the means to do that, then please share this with your friends on Facebook.  I am confident that we will meet our goal by Monday.


Richard “Grumpy Puppy” Howard

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Late Update

Valerie Picture with citation


Hello friends,

I just got back from Austin, TX where we finished up the overdubs on the first six songs of the CD.  Tuesday is the production meeting to determine which songs we will record on the 28th when I go back into the studio with Rick Richards and David Carroll to finish up the rhythm section.  After that we have three days scheduled in August to finish overdubs and begin mixing.

I am very grateful for all of you who have continued to support me in making my debut CD.  I’ve never heard my songs sound like this.  It’s always been just me sitting here at home recording my own stuff.  Now, with professional musicians in a real recording studio, they are just coming to life!  And this is just the rough cuts.  Mixing these tracks really brings them to life and then Mastering puts the finishing touches on them making them ready to play on the radio.  Those are the tracks you will be getting on the CD.  I cannot wait to hear the finished product myself!

But to get to that point I’m going to need a little more help.  We have until Monday morning at 10:00 AM to meet our modest goal of only $5000.00  That is a shoestring budget to make a CD but I have people in the Texas music business that are helping me get it done for that price.  They are cutting me some real breaks and doing twice the work for half the pay.  Let’s not let this all go to waste.  Please head over to my kickstarter page and kick in a few dollars.  It’s not charity.  You will just be pre-ordering the CD and I can use those funds to pay for the production of it.

If we don’t reach our goal, Kickstarter refunds everyone who pre-ordered and we get nothing.  It is only all-or-nothing.  So please help us get this done.  I really appreciate it.

Now, my favorite part of these updates, new backers!

First up is my dear Aunt Fay.  She bought her a copy of the CD and I can’t wait to ship it out to her in Denham Springs, LA.  Thank you so much Aunt Fay!

Next up is Steve Snyder, one of the best left-handed guitar players this side of Jimi Hendrix.  Thanks Steve, I really appreciate it man.

Louise Kirchen bought a copy!  Thanks Louise, I can’t wait to get this to you. You are going to love it!

Phil Bentley (of Phil Bentley and the Potholes) bought a copy.  Thanks so much Phil!

And Christy Moore bought her a copy too!  Thanks Christy, I can’t wait to get this over to you.

Ok folks, well that’s the schedule and I’m hoping we can stick to it.  Please tell your friends.  Heck, tell your enemies!  Tell everyone!  I know we can get this done.


Richard “Grumpy Puppy” Howard

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